REGUPOL comfort S1

Impact sound insulation

The levelling fill made of stone chippings and a polyurethane binder is designed for levelling uneven surfaces on wooden beam constructions and concrete slabs, as well as for increasing the mass of solid wooden slabs (CLT).

REGUPOL comfort S1 is a bonded, pressure resistant levelling fill made of stone chippings and a polyurethane binder. This mixture then solidifies in a short amount of time to form a dampening layer which is mass-increasing and anhydrous.

REGUPOL comfort S1 is used for levelling uneven surfaces of concrete slabs and wooden beam constructions in renovation projects or to increase mass in connection with solid wooden floors (CLT) for acoustic purposes.

REGUPOL comfort S1

REGUPOL – the expert by your side

In REGUPOL, specialists all over the world have an expert partner with many years’ experience in impact and airborne sound insulation, that guarantees a premium level of building acoustics, especially when multiple uses are combined within a single building.

With the REGUPOL comfort range, effective soundproofing solutions can be implemented in timber construction projects and other urban densification concepts whether it is the construction of new buildings or the renovation of residential and commercial properties.

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