Making potential living space usable



How can we guarantee comfortable living in ever denser urban spaces? Together.

Building plots for new construction projects in our conurbations are very limited and those that are available cannot satisfy the expectations. To find additional living space, planners are now focussing on adding storeys to existing buildings - not only in residential complexes but also commercially used buildings. An economically and ecologically intelligent approach to urban densification is living above the supermarket.

How can we create attractive living space ecologically? Together.

There is already a massive shortage of affordable housing in rapidly growing regions and cities and yet the population influx shows no sign of abating. More urgently than ever before, politicians, local authorities and city planners are being called upon to meet the growing demand for living space, while using the building land that is available.

Besides the development of new building land, great attention is currently being paid to adding extra storeys onto existing buildings, especially onto non-residential buildings such as single-storey grocery stores, beverage retail markets or gyms. The synergistic effects are convincing as intelligent densification is more than just creating new apartments. The conservation of finite resources as the main ecological benefit helps highly populated areas to become Green Cities, while combining residential developments with existing commercial spaces presents brilliant economic advantages. In this context, unused roof space of large discounters seems predestined for such developments.

In REGUPOL you can trust a partner with decades of experience when it comes to the isolation of heavy-duty floors in commercial properties. The specially designed product ranges contribute to the enhancement of living quality by dampening any unwanted noise transference and thus help to succeed in today’s challenges that come along with urbanisation and ecological balance.


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