REGUPOL impact sound insulation

For floating floors

REGUPOL sonus curve

For floating floor constructions

Enhanced liveability is an enjoyable by-product of our shift towards environmentally sustainable architecture.  Greater thermal stability, better acoustic performance; cleaner internal air, recycled/recyclable fixtures etc, are just a few of the environmentally beneficial approaches that make buildings more enjoyable for occupants to use.  

REGUPOL’s long-established environmental credentials have earned the brand widespread recognition as a sustainable solution.   REGUPOL is often recognized as the ‘go-to’ brand for projects with a focus towards sustainable architecture, hence the reason why they are often selected for high-profile projects across the globe.

Made from post-consumer end of life tyre bound with polyurethane, this environmentally preferable product has been independently certified as meeting the requirements of Good Environmental Choice Australia GECA 25-2011 v2.0i - Floor Coverings Standard.  See

Together we can customise your specification.  REGUPOL are proudly a NATSPEC Product Partner, offering a national specification for our REGUPOL sonus core, REGUPOL sonus curve, REGUPOL sonus multi, REGUPOL sonus eco ranges of acoustic floor underlays. The REGUPOL branded worksection will assist you in specifying the REGUPOL acoustic underlays with various floor finishes such as resilient/vinyl floors, timber floors, tiled floors and screeds. To obtain a copy of the 0473 REGUPOL in acoustic floor underlays NATSPEC branded worksection visit 

REGUPOL underlays are manufactured to strict standards utilizing only top-quality primary and secondary raw materials; they are also renowned for their excellent acoustic performance across a long service life.

Designed to reduce the transmission of impact sound generated by footfall noise, REGUPOL sonus curve is commonly used under under bonded and unbonded screed beds as a complete system with stone, marble, tiles or selected floor coverings.  Also suitable as a system under cement sheeting or plywood sheeting with selected floor coverings such as solid timber and engineered timber floors.

REGUPOL sonus curve 17
Formerly REGUPOL 6010 17/8mm

REGUPOL sonus curve 17

The 17 mm thick version perfectly combines high insulation requirements with outstanding value for money.

REGUPOL sonus curve 8
Formerly REGUPOL 6010 8/4mm

REGUPOL sonus curve 8

The 8 mm thick product variant is suitable for almost all floor structures and presents a cost-effective solution for reliable impact sound…

REGUPOL sonus curve 6
Formerly REGUPOL 6015 6/3mm

REGUPOL sonus curve 6

With 6 mm thickness the thinnest version of the product is suitable for constructions with limited floor heights that still require an impact sound…

REGUPOL sonus curve

Made from recycled rubber REGUPOL sonus curve is not only a cost-effective solution but also one of the most sustainable ways to design floating floors as even stringent VOC emission regulations can be fulfilled.

With thicknesses between 6 mm and 25 mm impact sound reductions between ∆L≥ 18 dB and ∆L≥ 29 dB can be achieved. Multiple layers up to a total thickness of 75 mm will maximise the acoustical performance, if required. Disturbing low-frequency noise can be effectively reduced thanks to its profiled underside and the low dynamic stiffness of ≤ 13 MN/m³.