REGUPOL sound 15

Impact sound insulation

REGUPOL sound 15

Impact sound insulation

∆Lw ≥ 29 dB

The 12 mm thick impact sound insulation material REGUPOL sound 15 has a profiled underside and is an efficient variant, combining high acoustic requirements, limited floor heights and outstanding value for money.

REGUPOL sound 15 is an effective, 12 mm thick impact sound insulation layer with a profiled underside and a low dynamic stiffness of ≤ 6 MN/m³ which is used under heavy-duty screeds.

Impact sound reduction value of ∆L≥ 29 dB.

REGUPOL sound 15
Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze


  • CE marking
  • Impact sound reduction ∆L≥ 29 dB
  • Load bearing capacity up to 30 kN/ m²
  • Compressibility ≤ 2 mm

Technical Specifications


PUR elastomer composite


Length: 1000 mm, width: 1200 mm,
thickness: 12 mm

Weight per sheet

max. 4.5 kg

Weight per m²

max. 3.7 kg

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REGUPOL – the expert by your side

In REGUPOL, specialists all over the world have an expert partner with many years’ experience in impact and airborne sound insulation, that guarantees a premium level of building acoustics, especially when multiple uses are combined within a single building.

With the REGUPOL and REGUFOAM sound range, effective soundproofing solutions can be implemented in urban densification concepts whether it is the construction of new buildings or the renovation of residential and commercial properties.

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