Educational Campus Urban Lakeside Aspern Vienna

Educational Campus Urban Lakeside Aspern Vienna

Campus Seestadt was built on the former Aspern airfield in Vienna and opened in September 2015. The building complex houses a kindergarten, an all-day school, basic support classes and classes for children with disabilities. The educational campus focuses on integration and inclusion. A total of around 800 children are cared for and taught.

Project overview

  • Sustainable energy concept
  • Building certified according to TQB (Total Quality Building)

Sustainable energy concept

The building is almost self-sufficient in energy and different renewable energy sources are used. Among other things, there is a photovoltaic system on the roof, automatically controlled external blinds that protect against overheating and a garden that is watered with service water from the well. Thanks to all these measures, the building is certified according to TQB - Total Quality Building - by the Austrian Society for Sustainable Building (ÖGNB).

There is a spacious garden area for recreation. The building is divided into three parts that represent the different functions. In addition to the large garden area, there are accessible terraces on all floors directly in front of the educational rooms, which offer space for outdoor teaching. Exterior staircases lead from all floors into the garden.

A natural green is the defining colour of the entire complex. The greened facade forms a natural sunshade; surrounding terraces and loggias of varying widths are planted and are reminiscent of greened "pavlatas" familiar from many courtyards in Vienna.

Distraction-free learning under the terraces

REGUPOL offers suitable acoustic solutions to ensure freedom from conflict between different usage concepts. In order to ensure trouble-free learning in the classrooms under the terraces and loggias, approximately 3,300m² of REGUPOL sound and drain 22 was installed in the arcades and under the accessible outdoor areas. 

The REGUPOL sound and drain 22 impact sound insulation not only meets the sound insulation requirements, but also protects the waterproofing from mechanical influences and has a drainage function.