Modern housing development NEO Munich

Modern housing development NEO Munich

The mixed-use high-rise NEO is located in the Baumkirchen-Mitte district of Munich and combines working and living environments in a very innovative way. The building, which was completed in early 2021, is made up of a base building with high-quality rental flats and a 60-metre-high office and hotel tower.

The architect’s office Unstudio from Amsterdam has chosen an organic form for the building that works visually with curves and thus creates unusual floor plans. The architectural language thus makes direct reference to the neighbourhood - greenery and sustainability play a major role. The overall atmosphere of the building is light and airy, and all conceivable modern office forms and flat layouts with the highest standards of comfort are integrated into the complex.

Project overview

  • 50 rented flats
  • Roof terrace for communal use
  • Approx. 4,500m² REGUPOL sound and drain 22

Roof terrace with a view of the countryside

A special highlight at the top of NEO is the communal roof terrace. It has become a popular meeting place for residents and users. Attractively designed paths as well as beds and play areas in between invite young and old to linger and relax.

The combination of relaxing on the roof terrace and working and living in the rooms below entails high requirements for compliance with maximum noise protection. REGUPOL offers suitable acoustic solutions to ensure that there is no conflict between different usage concepts. For the NEO roof terrace, REGUPOL sound and drain 22 impact sound insulation suitable for outdoor use was therefore used.

REGUPOL sound and drain 22 not only meets these sound insulation requirements, but also protects the waterproofing from mechanical influences and has a drainage function.