Santa Sophie Catholic College

A vertical school of stunning proportion

Santa Sophie Catholic College

A vertical school of stunning proportion

Opened in late 2021, the school will accommodate for up to 1,860 students from kindergarten to year 12. The new school is an integral part of the new Stockland’s community known as The Gables, in the sought-after Hills Shire.

The innovative design makes up five interconnected buildings, known as islands, brought together by external decks that wrap around the school. These decks connect the internal and external learning spaces and provide range of interactive areas for students to play and learn.


With the external decks spanning over up to six levels, careful consideration for the acoustic amenity to the teaching and occupied spaces was required.
To minimise the effects of impact noise transmission and structure-borne noise in these areas, a 10mm acoustic underlay was recommended in Acoustic Detailed Design Report by JHA.


To achieve this, the acoustic underlay was to be installed below the concrete screed in the designated areas situated above teaching and occupied spaces.

More than 5000 square metres of external decks were acoustically isolated in the project using REGUPOL sonus core 10-S soundproofing acoustic underlay. The system will provide long term performance for the future student activity in these areas.


This design for disassembly method of installation used is the most sustainable way of installing acoustics within a multirise building. The recycled REGUPOL acoustic underlay can be re-used and re-cycled at the end of the service life.

The REGUPOL was installed by Landscape Solutions as part of the incredible landscaping construction works on display throughout the college.

Project overview

  • Opened 2021
  • Located at Gables, NSW Australia
  • More than 5000 square metres of external decks acoustically isolated using  REGUPOL sonus core products