REGUPOL vibration 550

Vibration isolation

REGUPOL vibration 550

Vibration isolation

The approved material REGUPOL vibration 550 is used in the load range up to 0.30 N/mm². Depending on load and material thickness, natural frequencies of 10 Hz can be achieved.

REGUPOL vibration 550 is a vibration isolation and structure-borne sound decoupling material for the load range up to 0.30 N/mm². It can be used in single or multiple layers to achieve natural frequencies of down to 10 Hz, depending on load and material thickness.

REGUPOL vibration 550
Cradle to Cradle Certified® Bronze

Projects realised with REGUPOL vibration 550

Convinced customers all over the world are the best testimony to quality and experience. Here we show a selection of our projects that have been implemented with REGUPOL vibration 550.

Conservatoire Léo Délibes Paris

Conservatoire Léo Délibes Paris

Built in 2009, the Léo Délibes Music School now has more than 1000 students and offers a wide range of courses to meet the needs of all learners. The building is located in Clichy in the north of Paris.

The music school welcomes many musicians, who will be able to work together…

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Housing complex Boulevard Haussmann Paris

Housing complex Boulevard Haussmann Paris

This real-estate development is situated in the middle of Paris right next to the historical “Boulevard Haussmann” in between Rue d’Anjou and Rue Pasquier. This superb location is offering close proximity to shopping malls, office spaces as well as touristic spots.

The building…

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  • Approved by building authorities
  • Load range up to 0.30 N/mm²
  • Natural frequency of down to 10 Hz
  • Progressive spring characteristics
  • Constant natural frequency over a wide load range

Technical Specifications


PUR-bonded rubber granules / fibres


Length: 10,000 mm, width: 1250 mm,
thickness: 15 mm

Weight per roll

max. 140.0 kg

Weight per m²

max. 11.2 kg

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In REGUPOL, building acoustic specialists all over the world have an expert partner with many years’ experience in vibration isolation and structure-borne sound decoupling of machinery and buildings. The products of the REGUPOL vibration range are characterized by their outstanding durability. Successfully completed projects and expert opinions clearly document the quality of these materials.

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