Senior Citizens' Residence Herbstwiesen Kümmersbruck

Senior Citizens' Residence Herbstwiesen Kümmersbruck

In the heart of Kümmersbruck, a neighbouring municipality of Amberg in Bavaria, Germany, a senior citizens' housing complex with 26 residential units and a service centre with a pharmacy and medical care was built right next to the town hall. The project, called Herbstwiesen Kümmersbruck, was built using a resource-saving lightweight timber frame construction method. Light wood surfaces, especially in the staircase and within the communal corridors, provide a natural feel-good atmosphere.

High quality standards were also maintained in terms of sound insulation, which was necessary due to the large number of residential units and the additional use by the service centre. Despite dispensing with a solid ceiling system, the very good Basis+ sound insulation level was achieved within the multi-storey residential complex. One reason for this was the suspended wooden beam ceilings, which were elastically decoupled by low-frequency tuned REGUFOAM hangers. The use of REGUFOAM hangers also made it possible to do without heavy fill, which has all kinds of positive effects.

The sound insulation level Basis+ was also achieved in the area of the wood-facing roof terrace. The combination of the impact sound insulation REGUPOL sound and drain 22 and the elastic suspended ceiling with REGUFOAM hangers contributed to this.

Project overview

  • Resource-saving timber frame construction method
  • 26 residential units with service centre, pharmacy and medical services
  • High quality standards, also in sound insulation